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The Wasco County Extension Service is your link to Oregon State University. We provide life long learning opportunities in the areas of youth development, home gardening, family & community health, sweet cherries and dryland crops. Our county agents are Oregon State University faculty members who extend the University to Wasco County residents through meetings, workshops, 4-H Youth Programs, short courses, tours, newsletters and one-on-one consultations. We also keep the University informed abou


4-H Program Coordinator
Category: Education
OSU has TWO positions currently open--one in Hood River and one is in Wasco County! We are hiring 4-H Program Coordinators! Do you like working with youth and families?Qualified candidates provide: ØManagement, promotion, and delivery of educational programming that meets the needs of youth ØEngaged service to youth, the  public and community partners ØCommitment to promote and enhance diversity ...read more
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